Bringing the spa to you

In need of a soothing retreat, rejuvenating experience or simply some me-time? Ombra has what you are looking for!

Herbs have been used as remedies for ailments or to simply relax. In a similar therapeutic manner, herbal extract baths are used to create a calm and enjoyable environment.

Ombra aromatic baths and body washes are designed to positively affect one’s mood and well-being. They invigorate, stimulate the senses, soothe sore muscles, relieve stress and relax the mind.

The Ombra line distinguishes itself from others with its bottle styled on those first used by apothecaries – forerunners of our modern day pharmacies. Its packaging passed the test of time, the dark shade protects the fragile essential oils within by making it air and light tight.

New to aromatherapy? Start with a scent that appeals to you and then try something new! A bath is a simple, effective and affordable way to enjoy and benefit from the virtues of aromatherapy.