Aromatic Foam Bath

Aromatic Foam Bath Coconut 500ml

Aromatic Foam Bath Coconut 500ml NEW

Tropical and warming
Take a deserved timeout and embark on a relaxing tropical getaway by sinking deep into this skin softening Coconut foam bath infused with pure Epsom Salt. Its relaxing properties provide a coveted moment of positive energy and overall well-being melting away daily stressors and tension. The gentle, paraben free formula has a skin neutral pH value and can be happily enjoyed every day.

Aromatic Foam Bath Lavender 500ml

Comforting and relaxing
Tranquility and purity are inherent in the unique fragrance of lavender. This mild foam bath contains natural lavender extract and oils. Its soothing and comforting properties are especially suited to relax one’s body and mind.

Aromatic Foam Bath Eucalyptus 500ml

Soothing and comforting
This aroma-intensive, pleasant foam bath contains pure essential eucalyptus oils. Its soothing, comforting effects are particularly appreciated when suffering through the cold and flu season. Inhale deeply and enjoy the purifying benefits of its essence.

Aromatic Foam Bath Ginger Lime 500ml

Uplifting yet soothing
Escape into genuine relaxation with Ombra Ginger Lime foam bath. With its exciting blend of natural ginger, lime, lemon and mandarin orange extracts, this bath is uplifting and soothing and provides a sense of well-being.

Aromatic Foam Bath Citrus Sage 500ml

Refreshing and renewing
Melt away tension and stress with Ombra Citrus Sage Foam Bath. This refreshing combination of natural citrus fruits, sage, rosemary and other herbal extracts helps to recharge body and mind providing a sense of well-being.

Aromatic Foam Bath Rose Green Tea 500ml

Well-being of mind and body
For many centuries, roses have been deemed to be good for the skin and the soul with its uplifting and calming effects. Green tea has long been known and valued for its skin-soothing properties. Combining the two creates a very mild and pleasing fragrant bath that is compelling to your senses while gently caring for your skin.

Aromatic Foam Bath Juniper 500ml

Stimulating and inspiring
Renowned over the ages for its cleansing properties, Juniper’s unique fresh and woody scent stimulates the mind and helps to ease stress. This foam bath contains natural juniper extract.

Aromatic Foam Bath Vanilla 500ml

Seductive and dreamy
Immerse yourself in this sinfully indulgent bath temptation! The seductive fragrance of vanilla will whisk you away into the midst of a deliciously sweet dream. Dare to transform your bath into a blissful and passionate pleasure retreat with vanilla fragrance and almond oil.